5 Things we liked about Udaipur

1. Cooking Class at Dakshu’s: Rakshita and Dakshu will host you at their comfortable home in a leafy neighbourhood of Udaipur and will show you how to cook Bharva Baingan,

Diwali – The Festival of Lights

While India is a colourful country all year round, it dons a different veil during festive times. Diwali, a festival that is celebrated across the country regardless of caste, creed

Discover Kerala like a local with Sita India

Visit the Folklore Museum in Kochi which is a treasure trove with artefacts in stone, wood, terracotta and bronze dating back to the early stone age up until now. It

There is more to Bangalore than being India’s Silicon Valley

I recently had an interesting exchange on my Facebook page. I posted a question asking my friends to share what they thought were the most undersold destinations in India. For

Maharashtra Up-Close : Walking around in Nashik

The pilgrim city of Nashik in Maharashtra is situated on the banks of River Godavari with more than a hundred ancient temples located in its vicinity. These temples commemorate the

Shopping in India – To market, to market

“If there is one place to experience India’s diversity, one need not look beyond the local markets in the country. A cacophonous rhythm of people milling about amidst the jarring

Traditional Cuisine of Kumaon – Soul Food

Kumaon is the land of the mighty Himalayas in the north of India, where the food is fit only for the Gods – its simple, pure and nutritious. Nature has

Namkhan Festival In The Spiritual Spiti Valley

The Namkhan festival at the highland village of Demul at an altitude of 4350 meters in the cold desert of Spiti is wrapped around the agricultural practices of the village.

Lores of the Yore – Folk dances of India

“Although our backgrounds and languages may be different, one thing isn’t different, and that is: everybody likes to have a good time. If there’s one language that’s universal, it’s dances,