Textile Workshop in Kolkata

This 2 day Textile Workshop in Kolkata is a fascinating insight into how self-help groups of women are turning traditional weaves of West Bengal into designer wear for the international

Jog Niwas

If you are planning to buy an out of the ordinary gift to celebrate a special occasion during your Rajasthan holiday head out to Jog Niwas, which is specially handpicked

Priests in the making

While in Kumbakonam (Thanjavur district in the southeast Indian state of Tamil Nadu) on the way from Pondicherry to Tanjore, meet young children reciting Vedic chants, who are priests in

Temples, Poets and Ponds

A walk through the mystical landscape of poets, sacred temples and holy ponds near Assi Ghat and Tulsi Ghat, the southernmost embankments of the Ganga in the footsteps of 16th

Village Festivals of Bhutan

While in Bhutan, don’t miss out on a Village Festival, if one is happening. Unlike the popular festivals at Thimphu and Paro which are organised on a huge scale and

Rail Fanning

Children are fascinated by trains. It’s captivating for them to watch a tiny little speck approaching them gradually, taking on a monstrous size and slowly disappearing into oblivion, rolling on

Renewal of Vows – Bhutan

The Bumthang region of Bhutan is a religious heartland with lovely temples, monasteries and forested hills. The perfect place for a renewal of vows or a wedding ceremony. We start

Rediscover Kerala’s Backwaters

Country boat rides in the fascinating Kuttanad area of Kerala backwaters allows you to sample a slice of backwater life that most travellers don’t experience. Kerala backwaters are not just

Agra Colonial Walk

In India, cantonments (the word derived from the French word ‘canton’ meaning corner or district) are self-sustaining quarters from the days of the British Raj which housed their military and