9 Beautiful Indian jewellery Art forms that will leave you spellbound

Indian jewellery is as old as Indian civilisation itself. The beauty of Indian jewellery lies in the uniqueness of its design and the efforts of the workmanship involved in creating

Painted Houses of Hazaribagh –  Lesser known jewel of India

The Hazaribagh district in northern Jharkhand is home to the Khovar (marriage art) and Sohrai (harvest art) mural painting traditions done exclusively by tribal women artists tracing its origin to

The Bazaar experience – 5 markets you need to visit when in India

If there is one place to experience India’s diversity, one need not look beyond the local markets in the country. A cacophonous rhythm of people milling about amidst the jarring

Necklace for a King – India’s Royalty

Jewellery of India’s royalty is what legends are made of. There are many fascinating stories like this one we like from Hyderabad in South India. One morning the Nizam of

Kathakali with a Healthy Twist

Think Kerala and this iconic image of a Kathakali dancer immediately comes to everyone’s mind. The extraordinary splendour of a performer in a brilliant costume and a mask like face-do,

The Kerala Bucket List – 13 Impressive Festivals You Need To Do

Festivals are a celebration of our culture and Mythological legacy which have been passed on from generation to generation. If one were to deep dive into the festival calendar of

Lakkundi – History meets Rural India

Of 50 temples scattered across the town of Lakkundi, each of them set in beautifully manicured gardens, I visited only 3 of them which are known to be the most

The MD’s Journal – A Guide to Puducherry

The CEO’s Guide to Pondicherry It is fair to say that I have travelled extensively across the country and have had the opportunity to experience first-hand the diversity of this

Bhutan Special: Punakha, the Lord made it beautiful

Punakha district is in the east of Bhutan’s capital city, Thimphu. The name has been acquired from the word Pungthan-kha which means ‘the gathering ground’. The Dzong (fortress like building)