Exploring the 8 cities of Delhi: Uncovering all the Successive cities of Delhi & now the Last: SERIES 6

Delhi is not one city, but many: For the longest time we have heard Historians speak of the “Seven Cities of Delhi” but, between 1100 A.D. and 1947 A.D., there

Exploring 8 cities of Delhi: Heart of the city: Series 5

Charming & delightful, the 7th city named Shahjanabad is still synonymous with Old Delhi even today. A fascinating mélange of the different eras of Delhi’s history with a throbbing life

Exploring 8 cities of Delhi: A lost Fairytale of what remains today of the 3rd & 4th city of Delhi – Series 4

By now I had uncovered many layers of our Bygone era & was looking forward to explore more as I entered the towering walls of Tughlaquabad fort. Walking up the

The 8 Cities of Delhi: Exploring the 1st & 2nd city from every Era of Delhi’s History- Series 3

I was intrigued to find that the oldest city named Qila Rai Pithora (Fort) lies near Qutub Minar (Minaret- UNESCO World Heritage Site) with the most beautiful Mehrauli archaeological park

The 8 Cities of Delhi: Exploring the charms of the Bygone era – Series 2

My second experience included exploring 5th city of Delhi Firozabad known better as Firoze Shah Kotla today. The Djinns is a very interesting experience where hundreds of local people visit

Exploring 8 Cities of Delhi… A walk through History-Series 1

I will be writing a series of Blogs that I will be sharing through my wonderful experiences uncovering the various layers that exist in New Delhi, the capital of India.

The MD’s Journal – 5 Restaurants I love to Indulge

We all are familiar with this phase that we learn so much about a person from the choice of food they love. My 5 must experience Food & Drink Indulgence

The secret lane of Delhi – Champagali

I was curious to explore this new found secret of Delhi called Champagali. My first reaction was where am I? As I walked further I found that there was no

Vintage Transport Land

As a child I always wondered how close I will get to that small little object up in the sky. As I walked into The Heritage Transport museum, I felt