Knowledge Without Borders


An interactive session and a Virtual tour of Studio Zazen

A glimpse into the art world of the multifaceted genius Satish Gupta.


Indian Cuisine and its foreign roots

An engaging conversation on the foreign influences in the evolution of Indian Cuisine.


Discovering Delhi with William Dalrymple

Explore Delhi, a city fragmented by time, in an interactive session with author and historian William Dalrymple.


Water wisdom & Other water stories of Rajasthan by Neeraj Doshi

Listen to the stories of Rajasthan - a land with abject scarcity of water that evolved a beautiful culture around it sustaining life in the inhospitable terrain for centuries.


Artwise – Discovering Indian Art with Seema Srivastav

Journey to discover Indian art and the variety of opportunities it offers for the inquisitive traveller.